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.m. friday in tokyo, 3:00 on thursday afternoon in new york city and i'm shephard smith in japan's capital city as radiation leaks from the damaged fukushima nuclear plant to the north. president obama is set to speak to the nation on the nuclear cries in just a few minutes and we will bring you that live as it begins. crews are using water cannons and helicopters to try to keep the reactors from everheating and melting down. a biggest concern is what is happening at reactor number three, the only unit that uses fuel mixed with highly toxic combinations with a lower melting point and officials say the cooling pool there is almost empty. there also are problems with a pool for spent fuel rods at reactor four at fukushima and the u.s. nuclear chief says the water evaporated. if they are exposed they can catch fire, melt, and release large amounts of ridation into the air. we are told crews are still working on a new power line that would restore the electricity there in theory and get the water pumps back up and running. officials say the cold snap is slowing down their effort but not word o
. >>shepard: thank you very much. good morning from tokyo. it's 4:00 a.m. in the capital city in japan, 3 p.m. in new york city and the japanese people will awake as the sunrises in an hour and 45 minutes to learn that power outages will be rolling across this nation as they work to conserve fuel as 30 percent of all energy across japan comes from nuclear power and now there are great concerns of nuclear meltdown on the northeast coast a couple of hundred kilometers from where we are now. behind me is the rainbow bridge a fixture in tokyo. it is usually lit up in many colors and it is shut down as are the tops of skyscrapers as they work for voluntary energy conservation in the hopes that extra tokyo will not have to face the kind of black outs that could be necessary across this nation. high alert cross japan with nuclear concerns, thousands of people washing ashore, and many thousands still missing, and a disaster which the prime minister says here tokyo and the rest of the japan have not seen since world war ii. it began with an epic earthquake the most powerful earthquakes on record, th
: box number one, japan's government raising the threat level of the damaged nuclear plant. box two, we hear that the japanese officials considering the so-called chernobyl opening to bring the plant under control. live coverage and what that may mean ahead. box three: president obama getting ready for a five-day trip to south america in the middle of all that is happening in japan and the middle east and right here at home. we will discuss the timing with chris wallace. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. in "studio b" today. and from japan the government has officially raised the threat level of the badly damaged fukushima nuclear power plant from a level 4 to a level 5 and that is on an international scale of 7 and it puts it on par with the disaster at three mile island. the worst nuclear accident in american history. for context, a level 5 nuclear emergency entails severe damage to a reactor core; the release of massive amount of radiation and high problem deficit of significant public exposure," and several deaths from radiation, and from the director of the pow
, survived two days in a -- on a rooftop before they were rescued. a little bit of good news out of japan. and folks who got -- we have a lot of information how to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan, for details on that, it is worth your time, thanks for watching. shepard is in tokyo and he starts now. >> shepard: 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning in tokyo, 3:00 tuesday afternoon, in new york. i'm shepard smith reporting from japan's capital. the troubled fukushima nuclear plant to the north said to be releasing dangerous radioactive material into the atmosphere, at one point it was drifting toward our location in tokyo until the winds changed and pushed it out over the pacific ocean. officials here ordering tens of thousands of people, near the plant to seal themselves indoors in their homes or businesses or whatever, the earthquake knocked out the system that feeps the fuel rods cool and helicopters may begin dumping sea water on the troubled reactors to keep them from overheating and the local power company says it is their own option and the water will evapo
powerful earthquakes ever recorded followed by a mind numbing deadly tsunami. updates from japan and united states throughout the hour. fox number two, turmoil in the middle east has spread to the world's largest oil producer. as the day of rage in saudi arabia and the question is whether its preview of things to come. fox number three, president obama tells american families what he might do about gas places. chris wallace breaks it all down for us. breaking news has changed everything on studio "b". >> it is almost impossible to believe. one of the most powerful earthquakes in history has rocked japan and unleashed a tsunami, threatening coast lines from the pacific islands to the shores of hawaii and washington state and california. all eyes on pacific ocean. we'll start with japan. >> shep: it's just unbelievable. every time i see these pictures, it can't be happening. the images are stunning. a massive wave. a rising of the sea that experts say is racing to land at one point more than 500 miles miles an hour. and tsunami washed away entire towns, boats, cars and homes and hundreds and
. >>shepard: i am shephard smith reporting from a frigid night from japan as the nuclear situation appeared earlier to be spinning out-of-control, and we are just getting word that the operator of the the tsunami crippled nuclear plant has almost complete add brand influence power line that could restore electricity to the complex and possibly solve the crisis. this as the head of the international atomic industry confirmed part of a meltdown if reactors one, two, and three of the crippled fukushima power plant calling the situation "very serious." and says he is headed to japan now to deal with the crisis in person. right now, it is difficult to get specifics about what exactly is happening inside the plant. we do know a fuel storage pond at one reactor is believed to be leaking radiation now. and there may be some damage to the containment vessel. crews are desperately trying to keep the fuel rods cool, to prevent them from burning through the concrete containers, and sending mass amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere. japan's defense minister reports that shoppers had to ab
urgent as the news begins anew. three major stories. in japan another enormous set back to prevent a nuclear meltdown at fukushima much the prime minister calling the situation "grave and serious." plus ... tens of thousands taking to the streets in syria. demanding freedom. despite reports after government-sanctioned bloodbath. another middle east uprising that could have a major ripple effect in the arab world. but first at 3:00 we are told president obama will speak to the nation soon about the situation in libya. but not today. the white house spokesman carney said some time in the near future the president will explain his objectiveses in libya and why he believes the decision for military action was the right thing. he presumably laid out the objectived today with lawmakers in a concert call. >> it is our responsibility. and the president will continue to take this seriously and senior members of the administration. i will say that what i said yesterday, but it bears repeating: there was an urgency to act here. >>shepard: international forces attack muammar qaddafi's military
't that lovely. maybe they could send him to the northeast of japan, fukushima is lovely now. jonathan will chat away about this at and click the right side of the screen and you can join in the information, a thrill a minute. the world has obviously been watching libya closely as we do not war there and do not have pans there but some analysts say syria could be the real threat to stability and today that government quit. [ malannouncer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white eck. ed >>shepard: and a deadly someday in the location of our war number two, iraq. gunmen wearing military uniforms and explosive belts storm add local government headquarters in the north of iraq killing dozens and injuring hundreds. and they went to saddam's old hometown saying the gunmen killed 15 execution-style and then blew themselves up. we are told they set fire to the bodies of th
. and now to japan for the latest on a dramatic situation at the crippled nuclear plant northeast of japan. look at this: huge clouds of smoke billowing from the reactor number three there. the officials, the tokyo electric power company have evacuated the whole place now, and the government is firsting people in a twelve immediate radius to leave the area. reactor number three is a top priority because it has the highest radiation level and the only one of the six reactors that uses plutonium in the fuel mix. it is a long lived and toxic material and if it escapes it would be hazardous for tens of thousands of years. and now, streaming live from the southern city of osaka in japan. what is the latest? >>reporter: well, shep, it is a major set back to getting back essential power on the cooling systems online at fukushima. the black smoke you were describing, that caused the evacuation of 11 of the brave recovery crew workers working on four of the six reactors there and they had to stop pumping the water from the fire trucks in, as well, the situation became so dangerous and now they do n
of unrest across the middle east and a nuclear crisis in japan. and now from the white house, the point is we cannot it is around and snore when the prices are low and get reactionary when the prices are high. >>guest: the president laid identity a plan to double the electricity we get from renewable energy sources and officer domestic oil production with a use it or lose it rule that keeps companies from sitting on leases, and more investment in biofuel and solar and wind technology and these may not pay dividends for years. the president say this gives more feeling regarding the high are price, but the energy secretary denies that anyone at the white house likes anything about 4 a gallon gasoline. >> the message is that bottom line we feel the pain that all americans feel on the price of gasoline today. we see what it will mean, it is not a short term fix. we will increase the production of oil in the united states but there is a global plan. >> the president says oil prices could go up and go down but the over all trend is always up and we should prepare for that. >>shepard: the repu
in the sea and plutonium in the soil. the nuclear disaster in japan spreading to a dangerous new level. box number two, president obama tonight will address the nation in the "not "war in libya with a live report from the white house and a team of experts. in box three, foreign internet outage brought to you by american software. should the united states ban the sale of cyber censorship products to overseas regime? or can it? and what if the president decides to use it on us? all is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b," but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york, president obama set to address the american people tonight to explain the u.s. mission in libya. the reasoning behind it. the u.s. military's role, and are we go from here. all this comes on the heels of a significant, rather, a dramatic victory for the administration with nato agreeing yesterday to take command of the mission including the ground attack. that as international airstrikes continue for the 9th night over the nation. libya state tv broadcast these images from a southern city of sabha claiming
claim all six of the reactors would have withstood an earthquake like the one that hit japan. >>shepard: yet a new report indicates that the nuclear industry may not be telling the truth about safety records. >>reporter: this study was done by the nrc and came out today and it says great december of 2009 to september of last year there were 24 cases where the utility companies that run nuclear power plants found problems on their properties but never reported them to the nrc and that raises a host of questions not just about the nuclear industry but also about our government's ability to monitor what they are doing. >>shepard: thank you, rick, from new york. thank you. now the latest on the crisis in japan's crippled nuclear plant, the company that owns the plant now says that three workers suffered radiation exposure and we hear two of the workers are hospitalized for radiation buns. and we get new reports today of a run on bottled water in the capital. so many stores in tokyo are sold out, and it comes after the wanting yesterday, for people not to give tap water to the kids. babies,
. and an important development from japan today: crews have made a major step, they hope, toward getting the reactors at the damaged nuclear plant under control. and lawrence taylor declared a sex offender today after having sex with a teenager. he faced the victim for the first time, or the lawyer did in court this morning, lawrence taylor will be our guest live in "studio b" today. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented streth, the stability of the leading community bank in thnation and wit12,000 atms andousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>shepard: international action in libya came weeks after the uprising began and once it declared the dictator was close to rushing the rebels and the forces say they are not training the opposition in the war the rebels still stand to gain a lot from the no-fly zone. but there are many questions about who the rebels are, really and what they are capab
keeps getting worse in japan. a team of nuclear experts from france are now there to help the workers at the fukushima plant deal with radio active water. they found even more water underneath one of the reactors. samples have measured, get this, 10,000 times the level the government deems safe. in other words, it is not safe, stay away. rescuers say that the radiation has made it nearly impossible to recover the bodies of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. dominik is in osaka, japan. hello, dominik. >> there was actually one thousand bodies near the fukushima plant who were claimed in the earthquake and tsunami back on march 11. it is too dangerous for workers to get there. people are pondering the fact that there may be survivors amongst the wreck and where the dead bodieskies are sitting there being rained on with radio active debris and substances. if the rescue workers are scared to go in there who knows what the fate of the people will be. that speculative but genuinely a possibility at this time. you p were talking about water deneath the turbine. there is radioactive g
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14